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Blackbird Super OM

Blackbird Super OM

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The Blackbird Super Orchestra Model has a cannon voice with
dreadnought volume and fullness but is compact and 3D sculpted with
body cuts for enhanced comfort and playability. The tone goes above and
beyond convention with uncommon sustain, perfect clarity and string
balance the length of the fretboard. The OM’s power and clarity is born
from Blackbird’s holistic approach to maximizing resonance: a
proprietary hollow neck and head carbon-fiber uni-body construction,
asymmetric design with off-set sound hole, as well as a head and body
sound port. It’s also among the lightest guitars in the world which
further helps produce a tone that evokes a custom wooden instrument,
but this acoustic is nearly indestructible and impervious to heat and

  • Carbon Fiber strength and environmental stability
  • 3.5 lbs. among the world’s lightest guitars
  • Resonance-driving hollow neck and head with sound port
  • Offset soundhole for increased volume and bass
  • 25.5" scale length
  • Asymmetric design for enhanced tone in a compact body

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Blackbird Super OM
Blackbird Super OM
Blackbird Super OM
Blackbird Super OM

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Blackbird Super OM | Blackbird Super OM at MacNichol Guitars. Played by Eric McKenna Spreng.

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Lightweight and perfect playing boutique sound that will last forever! I LOVE it!

Overall Rating9/10

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Customer Support9/10

Joe and his team at blackbird are amazing ...


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The polyurethane on carbon fiber is classy ...

Action, Playability9/10

What can I say? Its perfect. You may ...


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I really appreciate that the pickup is not ...