Recording King RP-06 Review and Saddle Replacement

Bone Saddle on a Recording King RP-06
Bone Saddle on a Recording RP-06

In the 2010’s, Recording King made the RP-06, a single O body guitar with solid sitka spruce top and laminate mahogany back/sides. With a street price of around $300 at the time, the RP-06 provided a decent guitar at a fairly low price.


Recording King’s RP-06 provides impressive bass, resonance and volume for a small body guitar along with excellent string balance. This instrument would work well for those looking to do fingerstyle or individual note picking. Light to medium strumming works OK, but starts getting jangly with anything beyond a medium attack.
The overall construction is good, but with some small construction flaws that you might anticipate. The biggest concern is the tuning machines. Although these work decently, we advise that you consider upgrading to a better quality, or at the very least, adding oil to the gears at least once per year. Also, remove the saddle to ensure a flat bottom, as the one we replaced was not sitting flat against the bottom of the bridge saddle slot, which can result in decreased string vibration transfer to the top.

Bone Saddle Replacement

The RP-06 came from the factory with a bone saddle. The saddle shares similar characteristics to the standard Martin-style saddle, but about 1 mm shorter in length, and a basic B compensation pattern versus the Martin wave saddle, which also includes bass E compensation. Nevertheless, a Martin-style wave bone saddle will work by reducing length by 1 mm, which we did for the RP-06 shown in this article’s image. We ensured a flat saddle bottom for good contact with the bridge, and this produced a slightly fuller sound.

Looking for a saddle replacement for another Recording King model? Contact Us with your guitar’s model and year, and we can let you know whether we have a saddle that will work.