Bone Saddle on an Alvarez Artist Series AF30 Guitar

Bone guitar saddle on an Alvarez AF30 acoustic guitar


The Alvarez Artist Series AF30 provides an excellent entry-level OM guitar with solid spruce top and laminate African Mahogany back/sides. This guitar works well as an all-purpose guitar. It also would work well for for a beginner who would like a guitar with a “middle of the road” sound to learn on until they develop an ear for their tonal preferences before purchasing a more expensive instrument.

The overall construction is excellent and surpasses what one would expect at this price point. Notably, the AF30 comes with a bone nut and saddle, whereas guitars in this price range often come with plastic nut and saddle. The factory saddle was the B compensated saddle with slanted bass typically found on Alvarez Artist Series models. The fit was fine, although just a slight bit loose on the front/back.

Bone Saddle Replacement

We replaced the factory bone saddle with one of our bone saddles that will fit many Alvarez Artist Series guitars. Our saddle is slightly thicker than the factory saddle, so we made the minor adjustments to produce a snug fit, yet loose enough so that the saddle could be easily removed with just fingers. 

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