How to Fix Acoustic Guitar Undersaddle Pickup Problems

Problems with your acoustic guitar’s undersaddle pickup output? Try these steps.

First, ensure that the bottom of the saddle slot is clear of any small debris. You can either blow forcefully, or use compressed air, such as that found in computer keyboard air cleaners.

Second, ensure that the ribbon is lying flat in the saddle slot. It may have shifted slightly. It should run the length of the saddle slot without any bends in the ribbon. The bottom of the saddle slot should be flat and free of any small debris.

Third, check the bottom of the saddle by placing it on a flat surface in the dark and then shining a light on the saddle. If any light comes through the bottom, then you may need to sand the bottom of the saddle with fine sandpaper to flatten it a bit. For tips on doing this, please see our video.