Odd Buzz? Tighten Your Tuning Machines

Guitar tuning machines being tightened with wrench

Guitarists often attribute string buzz to fret issues, particularly if the buzz has a metallic sound to it. However your tuning machines can also cause a buzz. Your guitar’s tuning machines are typically attached to your guitar’s headstock with nuts at the bottom of the string pegs. These nuts can slowly loosen over time with string vibration. When loose enough, these nuts can even cause subtly buzzing, which might sound like fret buzz

Check Once Per Month

To avoid this problem, check the tightness of your tuning machine nuts once per month. If needed, tighten as well. To tighten, use an open (non-adjustable) wrench of the correct size and tighten until snug. Do not overtighten. 

Do Not Use Needle Nose Pliers

Do not use needle nose pliers to make this adjustment. Needle nose pliers have sharp ends and can easily slip and cause damage to your headstock. 

Incorrect way of tightening tuning machines by using needle nose pliers.


Still Have a Buzz? 

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