Bone Guitar Saddle – Fits Many Newer Yamaha Guitars – 75.2 mm Length

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  • Will Fit Many Yamaha Guitars
  • Real Bone
  • 75.2 mm Length
  • Please Note: Requires Fitting To Individual Guitar
  • Length: 75.2 mm
  • Height: 10 mm
  • Thickness: 3.1 mm
  • Radius: 16 inches

Product Description

This acoustic guitar bone bridge saddle will fit many Yamaha Guitars as a replacement or upgrade. This bridge saddle is compensated for improved intonation, and with the radius set at 16 inches to match many Yamaha fretboards and improve playability. Please note that fitting is required for each individual guitar. Please call us at 435-647-6327 with questions on which saddle will fit your guitar.

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1 review for Bone Guitar Saddle – Fits Many Newer Yamaha Guitars – 75.2 mm Length

  1. John Bobb

    I purchased one of these for my Yamaha FG-730S.
    Seen this on Amazon, and when it said, “Fits most newer Yamaha Guitars”……I thought I’d give it a try.
    When I was fitting the new saddle…..I used a dial caliper and checked everything against the old one.
    The new saddle (Length) was almost perfect. The thickness was .010 thicker.
    When installing it in the Bridge Slot…It was an EXACT fit!!! The old one had side play…the new one fit perfect! No trimming for length or thickness.
    I was so impressed that all I had to do was trim the height……
    I ordered another one to keep on hand.
    Thank You so much MacNichol.

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