Acoustic Bone Saddle – Fits Many Post-2014 Guild® USA Guitars with Undersaddle Pickup – 10 mm Height – 12″ Radius


  • Length: 72.8 mm
  • Thickness: 3.3 mm
  • Height: 10 mm
  • Radius: 12 inches
  • Compensation: B with Slanted Bass


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Do you need a bone saddle for a post-2104 Guild USA acoustic guitar? Our 10 mm height saddle with 12 inch radius and 10 mm height will fit many post-2014 Guild USA models with undersaddle pickup. The height saddle height is reduced by 1 mm versus our standard Guild USA style saddle height to account for the undersaddle pickup ribbon and reduce the amount of adjustment time required.

This bone saddle will fit many post-2104 Guild USA steel-string acoustic guitar models, including the D-40 E, D-55E, F-40E, F-55E, F-512E, M-25 E, M-40E models in various finishes. Please contact us with your specific model for which saddle size would work best.

Additionally, our bone bridge saddle uses B with slanted bass compensation for improved intonation. Many guitarists prefer bone guitar saddles for their full, rich tone.

Please note that post-2014 Guild Westerly Collection guitars use a different saddle size and radius. Please visit our Guild Westerly Collection style saddles page for more information.

Please note that each guitar is slightly different and your saddle may need adjustments to the height, length, or thickness to match your factory Guild USA guitar saddle. We include a small piece of sandpaper that you can use to make adjustments.

Please contact us with any questions about fitting your guitar saddle, action height, intonation, or any other factor. If you are not fully satisfied, please let us know and we’ll either provide a replacement saddle or a refund.


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MacNichol Guitars provides high quality bone saddles that last a long time and produce excellent tone. Inexpensive, low quality bone saddles are often overly porous and whitened with harsh chemicals, resulting in weak bone that does not last and produces poor tone. We help you find the right saddle – length, height, thickness, radius, and compensation – for your specific guitar. Once you receive the saddle, contact our free expert support with any questions on installation. Not entirely satisfied? We will send a free replacement or full refund.
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