Acoustic Guitar Saddles for Plain G String Set Up

Most steel-string acoustic guitars are set up for four wound bass strings for the bass E, A, D, and G, then two plain strings for the B and treble E. However, some acoustic guitars are set up with a plain G string, similar to what you would find on many electric guitars.

Use of a thinner, plain G string will affect intonation, and there are some saddles used for a plain G string set up. Let’s review the three common types – BGD Compensated, B and G Compensated, and Routed Front Electric.

BGD Compensated

This saddle pattern has the treble E, A, and bass E all forward toward the soundhole. The B and D strings rest in the center, and the G is backward toward the bridge pins.

Compensated BGD Guitar Saddle Angle
BGD Compensated Guitar Saddle

See Tusq PQ-9274-CO, which is made with a 16 inch radius and used on the Epiphone Slash J-45. For a similar version in bone, please see our BGD Compensated Saddle.

Please note that this will not fit the Gibson Slash J-45, which uses a different saddle type. Please see our article on Gibson Acoustic Guitar Saddles for more information.  

B and G Compensated

This saddle type is similar to a forward line B compensated saddle, but with the G string backward, too. See Tusq PQ-9201-CO, which is made with a 12 inch radius and was used on some pre-2014 Taylor T5 Custom or Limited Editions. 

Compensated B and G Guitar Saddle Bone Front Angle
B and G Compensated Saddle

For a similar option in bone, please see our Compensated B and G Bone Saddle.

Routed Front Electric

Most Taylor T5 models will either have an “acoustic” saddle designed for a wound G string, or an “electric” saddle designed for a plain G string. The “electric” version places the G string toward the back of the saddle. This is a thick saddle at 4.1 mm and cannot be used in place of the thinner B and G compensated saddle mentioned above. Radius is 12 inches. For information on other Taylor T5 saddles types, please see our Taylor Guitar Saddle Sizes article. 

RTDG3 Taylor T5 Style Electric Saddle Angle
Taylor T5 "Electric" Style Routed Front Saddle


Which Saddle Does Your Guitar Need?

Still wondering which saddle size your guitar requires? Please contact us with all of the below information.

  • Guitar Year, Series, Model
  • Current Saddle Length, Maximum Height, Thickness – Must be measured with a caliper
  • Bass to Treble Edge Height Difference
  • Bridge Saddle Slot Length and Thickness (if different from saddle specs) – Must be meausured with a caliper
  • String Spacing at the Bridge
  • Current Saddle Compensation Pattern (Please send a picture if you are not sure which type you have)

We will respond within 48 hours.