Are All Acoustic Guitar Saddles the Same Size?

Wondering whether all acoustic guitar saddles are the same size? The answer is no, which can make finding the right saddle for your guitar difficult. Guitar saddle sizes differ for each brand. Additionally, you may find that some guitar brands have different saddle sizes for different models or series. For example, Taylor Guitars uses a number of different saddle sizes. Read further to find the right size for your guitar.

Measure First

In selecting a saddle, first ensure that you have the correct length, thickness, and height. However, you also need to have the correct radius, or you may encounter buzzing, or find that your guitar is more difficult to play. You also need to ensure that you have the correct compensation pattern or you may notice intonation issues.

Each Guitar is Different

Additionally, even though you might find the correct saddle size, each guitar is slightly different, and so and your bone saddle may need adjustments. Even fresh from the factory, no two guitars are exactly alike. You’ll find subtle differences in neck angle, neck relief, and final set up specs, which result in slightly differing saddle specs once installed. Your guitar may have been adjusted for playing style preferences as well. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to adjust a saddle – please see our video for tips. Most customers report that they spend about 20 minutes to an hour making fine adjustments with the included sandpaper.

We Can Help

We provide a large number of bone saddles and likely have one for your steel string acoustic guitar. Please visit our Acoustic Guitar Saddle Size Chart to view the various saddle types. If you don’t see the correct size for your guitar, please contact us and we can let you know whether we have another saddle that might work, or can refer you to another resource.