Find the Right Saddle for Your Bourgeois® Acoustic Guitar

Looking for a Bourgeois acoustic guitar saddle? There are two different types of saddles used on Bourgeois models, depending on the bridge type – standard or pyramid bridge. If your guitar has two small pyramids on either side, then you have a pyramid bridge. Details on each saddle type below.

Bourgeois Standard Bridge

Many Bourgeois models have a standard bridge, which uses the distinct Bourgeois zigzag compensated saddle with a 10 inch top radius. These saddles are 71.25 mm long, 11 mm tall, and 3.25 thick from the factory. The Bourgeois factory saddles come polished. (Note: Our saddle made for Bourgeois guitars comes with matte finish.)

Bone Saddle for Bourgeois Guitars
Saddle for Standard Bourgeois Bridge

Bourgeois Pyramid Bridge

Some Bourgeois models have a pyramid bridge, which has two small pyramids on either side. For this bridge type, you will need a different saddle size from those used on the standard bridge. Please contact Bourgeois guitars directly for more information.

What Saddle Type Does Your Bourgeois Need?

If you are still unsure of which saddle your Bourgeois acoustic guitar needs, please contact us with the below details.

• Guitar Year, Model, Fretboard Radius
• Current Saddle Length, Height, Thickness (Measured with a caliper)
• Guitar Saddle Slot Length, Thickness (if different from saddle specs)
• Current Saddle Compensation Pattern (please send a picture if you are not sure what type you have)
• Bass to Treble Edge Height Difference
• String Spacing at the Bridge

We reply to messages within 48 hours.