Find the Right Saddle for Your Eastman® Acoustic Guitar

Are you in need of an Eastman steel string acoustic guitar saddle? Eastman has only been making flat-top steel string guitars since 2008, but has gained a reputation for making quality instruments. Finding the correct saddle for your Eastman can be a bit difficult because there’s no single saddle size for all Eastman guitars.

This article provides tips on finding the right saddle for your Eastman flat top steel string acoustic guitar, but we advise that you also measure your guitar’s saddle slot for a proper fit. If you are not the original owner, at some point someone may have installed a different saddle or have adjusted the saddle slot, producing different specs from the factory’s.


Step One: Determine Saddle Length

From the factory, almost all Eastman acoustic guitars have a 12 inch fretboard radius. Please note that if you are not the original owner, another neck may have been installed at some point. You may want to check the fretboard radius with a gauge.

A large number of Eastman models will have a 69 mm long B compensated with slanted bass saddle – please see our bone saddles for Eastman guitars. However, please measure your saddle as it may be 71 mm long, even though it also has the same B compensated with slanted bass pattern.

Your saddle may be longer than 71 mm as well, particularly if you have a through saddle.

Step Two: Determine Saddle Type

Eastman steel-string acoustics often have one of the three below saddle types.

B Compensated with Slanted Bass

A large number of Eastmans have a B compensated with slanted bass saddle. These saddles are typically 69 mm long, but may be 71 mm long. They are typically 3.2 mm thick and have a 12 inch radius. Height for models without undersaddle pickups is tall – often around 11 mm. Models with undersaddle pickups often have saddles around 9 mm tall.

Eastman Guitar Saddle
B Compensated with Slanted Bass Saddle for Eastman Guitars

Through Saddle

Many, but not all, of the double O Eastman guitars have a through saddle, which will go through the bridge. This type of saddle requires significant skill and knowledge for replacement. We advise that you do not attempt DIY replacement and instead hire a professional guitar technician.

Non-Compensated Saddle

A number of Eastman parlor guitars have a non-compensated saddle, along with a pyramid bridge. Please see our Guide to Non-Compensated Saddles for more information.

Which Saddle Does Your Eastman Need?

Still wondering which type of saddle your Eastman acoustic guitar needs? Please contact us with all of the following information:

• Guitar Year, Model, Fretboard Radius
• Current Saddle Length, Height, Thickness – Must Be Measured with a Caliper
• Guitar Saddle Slot Length, Thickness (if different from saddle specs)
• Bass/Treble Edge Height Difference
• Current Saddle Compensation Pattern (please send a picture if you are not sure what type you have)

We will respond within 48 hours.