Guide to Routed Front Compensated Guitar Saddles

A routed front saddle has the compensation routed into the front section of the saddle. This allows for the back side of the saddle to maintain a rounded profile versus the sharp pointed profile found on many compensated saddles.

Perhaps the best-known use of routed front compensation saddles appear on Taylor T5 saddles, although not all T5 saddles have used this saddle type. Please see our article on Taylor Guitar Saddles for more information on T5 saddle types. 

Let’s look at some images of a Taylor T5 “Acoustic” style routed front saddle. From the back, this saddle appears to be non-compensated.

However, from the front we can see how the saddle contains a routed section for compensation purposes.

RTDG2 Taylor T5 Style Acoustic Saddle Front

Here’s an angled view. 

RTDG2 Taylor T5 Style Acoustic Saddle Angle

Here’s a side angle view


From the top, we can see how the routed section serves as compensation for each string.

Top view Taylor T5 acoustic style saddle

Which Saddle Does Your Guitar Need?

Wondering which saddle size your guitar requires? Please contact us with all of the below information.

  • Guitar Year, Series, Model
  • Current Saddle Length, Maximum Height, Thickness – Must be measured with a caliper
  • Bass to Treble Edge Height Difference
  • Bridge Saddle Slot Length and Thickness (if different from saddle specs) – Must be meausured with a caliper
  • String Spacing at the Bridge
  • Current Saddle Compensation Pattern (Please send a picture if you are not sure which type you have)

We will respond within 48 hours.