Bone Saddle – Fits Many Martin Guitars – 11 mm Height – Wave Compensated – Unbleached

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  • Fits Many Martin Guitars
  • Real Bone, Unbleached
  • Length: 74 mm
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Height: 11 mm
  • Radius: 16 Inch 


Product Description

This unbleached saddle will fit many Martin guitars as either a replacement or upgrade. The saddle is wave compensated for improved intonation. The radius is set at 16 inches to match many Martin fretboards and improve playability. Note: This saddle will not fit guitars with saddles that go entirely through the bridge lengthwise. Please contact us for more information on which saddle will fit your guitar.

Please note that each guitar is slightly different and your bone saddle may need adjustments to the height, length, or thickness, which you can do with the included sandpaper. Please contact us with any questions regarding fitting your saddle, action height, intonation, or any other aspect. If you are not entirely satisfied, let us know and we’ll either provide a replacement or a refund.

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MacNichol Guitars

1 review for Bone Saddle – Fits Many Martin Guitars – 11 mm Height – Wave Compensated – Unbleached

  1. Chops Dubai

    I got a Martin DRS1 a year ago. But the high action and muffled tone really put me off. Took it to techs who said that the truss rod can’t be adjusted to lower action further so saddle sanding is then only option.

    I have a cheapo Ibanez PC12MH practice guitar that sounded way better that the Martin, and has super low action without buzzing (I’ve modded it a lot, put brass pins etc.)

    I was hoping that adding a bone saddle would add the brightness and full tone, and sanding would give me the buttery action that a Ibanez 1/10th the price gives me. Needless to say, this has delivered in spades. I’m in love with my Martin again!

    Macnichol’s instructions were super helpful, especially yesterday’s detailed ones. I ordered this from all the way in Dubai, but the shipping was quick and service and support were amazing.

    This is someone who really knows his craft and cares about customer satisfaction. Highly recommended!

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