Why Is a Bone Saddle Important for My Guitar?

bone saddles-blog image

A bone saddle is important for your guitar for better balance, a less jangly, warmer tone, and longer-lasting than plastic saddles. Let’s review these aspects further. 

Better Balance

Have you ever noticed how some guitars emphasize treble notes more than bass notes, or vice versa? Or some guitars have too much or too little mid-range? A bone saddle will help even out the treble, mids, and bass, for a more balanced instrument. 

Less Jangly

Does you guitar sound a bit like a tin can with strings attached – metallic and no resonance? A bone saddle will help reduce the jangly tone and produce a richer tone than plastic saddles will. Indeed, this is one of the key reasons that people will shift from plastic to bone. 

Warmer Tone

If you’re looking for a warmer tone, then replacing your factory-installed plastic saddle with a bone saddle will help. Own a Martin? Almost for sure you’ll prefer the tone of bone to plastic. Bone will emphasize the warmth that many seek from a Martin guitar. Want to further emphasize that warmth? Try pairing a bone saddle with phosphor bronze strings. Own a Taylor? If you’re looking to warm up a Taylor a touch, then a bone saddle is a good move. However, if you’re looking to emphasize the clean, bright tone that Taylors are known for, then bone might not work as they will warm up the tone, and we advise considering a Tusq saddle instead. 

Time-Tested and Longer Lasting

Bone saddles have appeared on acoustic guitars for many years. Additionally, higher-end and boutique guitars will almost always come from the builder with a bone saddle. Why? Bone has proven an excellent option for the reasons listed above – better balance, richer tone, warmer tone. And as a bonus, a bone saddle will last longer than a plastic one. 

Do you have questions on which saddle would work best for you guitar? Please contact us for more information.