Find the Correct Saddle for Your Breedlove® Acoustic Guitar

Are you searching for a Breedlove acoustic guitar saddle? Breedlove models typically use one of three different compensation patterns – zig zag, compensated D and G, or compensated B with slanted bass. These different compensation patterns also come with different radii and length/height/thickness specs.

Although this guide will help, we advise that you also measure your guitar’s saddle slot to ensure a proper fit. If you are not the original owner, someone may have installed a different saddle, adjusted the saddle slot, or possibly even installed a different bridge or neck at some time, thus producing different specs from the factory’s original specs. 

Zig Zag Compensated

A large number of Breedlove models made in the USA use a zig zag compensated saddle. We’ve seen both 14 and 16 inch top radius zigzag compensated saddles on Breedlove models, as well as 72 and 72.5 mm lengths.

Zigzag Compensated Guitars Saddle for Breedlove
Zigzag Compensted Saddle

We advise removing your current saddle and measuring before ordering a replacement. Contact us to get this saddle type in bone, or see Tusq part number PQ-9281-CO.

Compensated D and G

Made in USA Breedlove models may also have a compensated D and G saddle, although this is less common and typically only found on guitars made in the 2000s and 2010s. This saddle has a subtle angle compensation for the treble E and B strings, places both the D and G forward, and then has the bass A and E strings backward, with the A slightly forward relative to the bass E. This saddle has a tight 9.5 inch radius, is relatively thick at 3.45 mm, along with a nearly 73 mm length and a maximum height of nearly 12 mm.

Forward D and G Compensated Saddle for Breedlove Acoustic Guitars
Compensted D and G Saddle

If you wish to get this saddle in Tusq, see part number PQ-9212-00

Compensated B with Slanted Bass – 3.2 mm Thick

This saddle is often seen on Asian-made Breedlove models built after 2014. Length is 72 mm with a thickness of 3.2 mm. Top radius is 16 inches.

Unbleached Bone Saddle for Breedlove 72 mm A
Unbleached Bone Saddle - Compensated B with Slanted Bass
We offer this saddle type in 8 mm height for models with a pickup or 9 mm for those without, but can make in other heights as well.

Compensated B with Slanted Bass – 3.7 mm Thick

Many of the Breedlove Atlas Series models from the 2000s and 2010s have a tall, thick saddle with a 12 inch top radius. These saddles are somewhat distinct in the acoustic guitar saddle world in that few other saddles are this thick at 3.7 mm. Some of the Breedlove Cascade Series models will use this saddle type, too. 

Bone Guitar Saddle Fits Many Breedlove Atlas Guitars 13 mm Height Angle
Bone Saddle - Compensated B with Slanted Bass

Finding this saddle can be somewhat difficult, but we do offer this in bone. Please see the following link: Bone Saddle for Many Breedlove Atlas Series.

Which Saddle Size Does Your Breedlove Need?

If you are still unsure which saddle your Breedlove needs, please contact us with the below information:

  • Breedlove Guitar Year, Model, Fretboard Radius
  • Current Saddle Length, Height, Thickness
  • Guitar Saddle Slot Length, Thickness (if different from your saddle specs)
  • Bass to Treble Edge Height Difference
  • Current Saddle Compensation Pattern (please send a picture if you are not sure what type you have)
  • String Spacing at the Bridge

We will respond within 48 hours.