Looking for a Tacoma Guitar Saddle?

Tacoma guitar saddles are similar to those used on most Larrivee Guitars. In fact, both have a 72 mm length, 3.2 mm thickness, 16 inch radius, and B compensation pattern. However, height will vary depending on each individual guitar, playing preferences, and undersaddle pickup or not. As such, please measure your current guitar’s saddle’s height. Generally speaking, models with an undersaddle pickup will have a lower height. 

We offer the Larrivee-style B compensation saddle in two different heights. The 9 mm height for guitars with undersaddle pickup, and 11 mm. Please see the below links.

Bone Saddle – Fits Many Larrivee Guitars – B Compensation – 9 mm

Bone Saddle – Fits Many Larrivee Guitars – B Compensation – 11 mm

Bone Saddle - Fits Many Larrivee Guitars - 11 mm Height 1
Bone Saddle - Fits Many Larrivee Guitars - 11 mm Height


How Are These Saddles Different from Taylor-style Saddles?

At first glanace, Tacoma saddles look similar to B Compensated Taylor-style saddles. Yet a key difference appears – the top radius. Whereas Taylor uses a 15 inch fretboard radius, Tacoma Guitars use a 16 inch radius. 


Can I Use the Larrivee-style Wave Compensation Saddle on My Tacoma?

We don’t advise this. First, the Larrivee-style wave compensation saddle is a touch shorter in length. Second, additional compensation for the bass strings appears on the wave compensation saddle. Each guitar manufacturer will base an individual guitar model’s saddle compensation pattern partially on the fixed angle saddle slot at the bridge. Thus, the bass string additional compensation could negatively impact your intonation.  

What if My Tacoma Saddle Is Not B Compensated?

Please contact us with your current saddle’s length, height, thickness, radius, and compensation pattern. We can let you know whether we have another saddle size that might work.