Which Saddle for Your Taylor GS Mini?

The saddle required for your Taylor GS Mini will depend on your guitar’s model and year. The GS Mini was first introduced in 2010 and various versions have appeared, including Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood Sapele, and Koa back and sides models, as well models with or without a pickup.

Your GS Mini may have a B compensated or a wave compensated saddle. Please compare your current saddle’s compensation pattern to the images below. If you’re unable to tell which compensation pattern that your saddle has, please contact us and we can assist.

B Compensated Saddle

This saddle compensation puts all strings at the same spot except the B string, which sits further away from the soundhole, and closer to the bridge. 
Bone Saddle – Fits Many Taylor Guitars – B Compensation – Standard Height Angle
B Compensated Saddle for Many Taylor Guitars

Wave Compensated Saddle

The wave compensation saddle has flowing lines for a wavelike appearance. It includes compensation both for the B string and for the bass strings.

Bone Saddle - Fits Many Taylor Guitars Wave Compensated Angle
Wave Compensated Saddle for Many Taylor Guitars

Undersaddle Pickup?

Does your Taylor GS Mini have an undersaddle pickup? If so, you likely need a shorter saddle height to account for the ribbon thickness. Undersaddle pickup ribbons typically run about 1 mm in thickness.

Bleached or Unbleached Bone?

Unbleached bone is a slightly harder material and is a bit more difficult to work with, but many people prefer the tone. Unbleached bone does have inconsistent color, though. Please visit our saddle offerings for Taylor Guitars to view options, or contact us for more information.